Organising events

We have organised every single detail of dozens of debates, workshops, seminars and conferences, which were attended, all in all, by a couple of thousand participants, some of whom became regular visitors.

June 2014 presented us with a challenge - the organisation of "Lodz Innovations and Creations" conference. The task was commissioned by the City of Lodz Office under "Lodz Creates Innovation" project. Inframedia was responsible for the event's entire organisation - writing the agenda, inviting speakers, room rental, catering, creating a website and a tool enabling online registration. It was also our duty to secure honorary patronages and media sponsorships.

Television coverage of the conference was broadcast in TVP Łódź, our media sponsor, and in TOYA TV. The interview with our special guest, Prof. Andrzej Pawlak appeared in Dziennik Łódź and Radio Łódź.

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