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Inframedia was established on 26 April 2006. Three months later, we joined forces with Polski Związek Producentów Kruszyw (Polish Association of Aggregates Producers) and Prof. Mariusz Orion Jędrysek, Chief National Geologist at the time, in organising a debate on illegal sourcing of aggregates.

The same year saw also a debate of engineers and architects on the place of man in contemporary urban design.

Inframedia filled a market gap in trade magazines' segment when it first published a monthly magazine "Infrastructure: People Innovation Technologies" in September 2006. We honed our skills to present both cutting edge and traditional solutions and to offer professional consulting services. We showcased how to shape reality and how to function when the developing infrastructure keeps stepping up the pace. Still in 2006, we started to cooperate with Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński, who used to be an expert then in Zespół Doradców Gospodarczych TOR (TOR - Economy Consultants) and later the vice-chairman of the Infrastructure Commission in the Sejm.

In the following years, we continued our statutory activities and embarked on such topics as: aviation, power industry and environment protection. We organised a number of professional debates, in which we were joined by politicians, representatives of local governments, public administration and the private sector: leading contractor-, design- and consulting companies in Poland.

Since 2011 we have been perfecting our expertise in organising workshops, seminars and conferences. We pride in having organised nearly 20 such events attended by a couple of thousand participants. These events focused on up-to-date topics, such as the preparation of working documentation, street lighting, environment protection and road safety.

Moreover, since 2013 we have been publishing for Polskie Stowarzyszenie Wykonawców Nawierzchni Asfaltowych (Polish Association of Asphalt Surfaces' Contractor Companies) a quarterly magazine titled "Nawierzchnie Asfaltowe" (Asphalt Surfaces). This venture bolsters our cooperation with the Association and producers of asphalt surfaces and contractor companies in general.

Having won a tender, Inframedia has been publishing a magazine for the City of Lodz Office "Lodz Creates Innovation" since January 2014, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, European Funds for the development of the Lodz Region. In the current year, we have published five issues spanning, e.g. bionanotechnology, IT, cinematography, fashion and textile industries.

June 2014 was meaningful for us because Inframedia organised a conference "Lodz Innovations and Creations" with Prof. Andrzej Pawlak as the guest of honour. Pawlak authored more than 150 patents and was the first representative of the automotive industry to be awarded the Achievement Award in 1996 by the Industrial Research Institute, a coveted prize in the field.

In 1999, together with a group of American scientists, Pawlak was asked to identify innovation paradigms for the new millennium. The professor is also responsible for the creation of the most effective, niche-targeted innovation method. Coupled with a set of tools he created, it enables the recognition of technology gaps and their transformation into technology niches. Prof. Pawlak has been teaching this method at Stanford University since 2011 and recently also at University of California. This year he received Pearls of the Polish Economy award from a monthly magazine "Polish Market".

Inframedia aims to create reality and to follow the ever changing world. The company's openness and courage to step beyond ones own comfort zone ensure Inframedia's top performance.

I feel privileged because in my everyday work I frequently meet wonderful people whose knowledge and experience are to me like beacons, and for this I am grateful.


Anna Krawczyk


IMG 2969dp GDDKiA

From the left: Jan Krynicki – spokesman of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Anna Krawczyk – editor of Infrastruktura, Jacek Bojarowicz – General Director for National Roads and Motorways, Jarosław Zaradkiewicz – journalist of Infastruktura, April 2016

3 debata

Debate with government and parliament represetatives, March 2016

IMG 7254

Television interwiev with Prof. Andrzej Pawlak, lectured at Stanford University and a guest speaker in our conference in Lodz, June 2014